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Top 8 Remote Active Destinations

mongolia1) Mongolia

Mongolia is synonymous with remoteness. From the vast steppe, great desert expanses high mountain passes, shimmering alpine lakes and deep gorges, your interactions will vary between genuine encounters with the humble and generous Mongolian people and the nomadic settlements scattered throughout the land. Whether you’re trekking between the deserts to high mountain passes, or following the migratory routes of the Khoton families along the Harhiraa River gorge, there’s no doubt you will leave a piece of your heart in this unforgettable country.
south korea

2) South Korea
The tantalizingly unexplored country of South Korea offers the inquisitive traveller endless opportunities to take a step away from the hordes of tourists and get lost in the pine-clad mountains, misty archipelagos , emerald ride paddies and marvelous urban cities. Even two weeks exploring the dazzling landscape will make you wonder why the country isn’t a popular stop on the international travel circuit.

3) Tajikistan

tajikistanThe landlocked country of Tajikistan may be far away from almost any other highly visited country; but the remoteness of this spectacular country has kept the sanctity of the country authentic and natural. What this country lacks in popularity it makes up in its people, nature, history and traditions and trekking in the Pamirs is certainly one to put on your bucket list. It may sound impossible, but the breathtaking landscapes come second to the overwhelming kindness of the Tajikistan people who will always invite you in for a cup of mountain tea. Though the independent republic of Tajikistan dates a young 24 years, the Tajik civilisation dates back over 3,000 years, and the traditions of the culture which derive from a plethora of peoples who have occupied these lands between Russia and Asia, strongly resonate till this day. With the addition of endless mountains to walk, trek or climb, Tajikistan is a must for the adventurous traveller.

greenland4) Greenland

This island has the world’s second largest ice sheet after Antarctica, so it’s no surprise the climate in Greenland is akin to polar conditions. Located a fair way away from ordinary traveller destinations, Greenland offers unique adventure experiences, from cruising among icebergs to marvelling the Aurora Borealis, to spotting wildlife and majestic landscapes in one of the worlds’s harshest living environments. Make no mistake, Greenland has endless appeal for travellers dreaming of remote destinations with a lot to offer by way of sights, experiences and adventure.

5) Madagascar

madagascarThe island of Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world yet one of the most diverse in topography and cultures. The roads are poor road & many of the must see places without airports which are the two very traits that ensure mainstream tourism is still years away. What does this mean for you? Certainly a real adventure! You’ll enjoy remote beaches, striking escarpments, river communities, deserts, rainforests and island archipelagos linked by coral reefs and clear turquoise waters…. with barely a tourist in sight – what more could you want?

If you’ve seen the movie with the same name, you’ll know Madagascar’s animals are a peculiar bunch with the world’s smallest and largest chameleons, carnivorous pitcher plants and enormous baobab tree’s. See them for yourself, but please, keep this fantastic island a secret ????

ethiopia6) Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of Africa’s best kept secrets; and for good reason. The spectacular landscape that is also home to some of the highest peaks in the Simien Mountains is a perfect haven for hikers who get off on dramatic landscapes. Passing through remote villages that sit within the fertile highland plateau of these mountains reveals a fascinating insight into a traditional and unique ancient culture. Couple this with the rock hewn churches and castles in the old cities ensures an uber-adventure. You don’t explore Ethiopia for a relaxing getaway, you venture here to be moved. And transported you shall be!
costa rica

7) Costa Rica

With its lush rainforests, pristine waterfalls, active volcanoes and exotic wildlife, Costa Rica is a hive for tropical adventures. Featuring mountain ranges (four to be exact), as well as active, dormant and extinct volcanos, biological reserves and national parks, the ecological zones in Costa Rica are a highlight for any nature lover keen on seeing the flora and fauna of Central America.

8) Venezuela

venesuelaThis rather startling land of contrasts will not fail to surprise as you explore the fertile lands of Venezuela. It’s home to traditional Indian groups who still follow ancient cultural practices. Covering over 40% of the country, the national parks and reserves are great for nature watching, Venezuela is home to over 1,400 bird species and more than 250 mammal species, largely thanks to the array of ecosystems that exist in the country. And, you can’t miss the highest waterfall on the globe at the Angel Falls. For a more urban appeal, the colourfully chaotic cities feature crumbling colonial buildings juxtaposed with glistening skyscrapers and a pulsating nightlife to boot.