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Custom Active Family Vacations

family driving off-road car on tropical beach, vacation concept

April here we are – which means a lot of families are thinking about their summer holidays. And what better way to build memories than by travelling together on an active and interesting vacation?

Here are a couple of ideas you might not be aware of: our active holiday tour partners are always more than happy to customize something special for you, so if what you’re thinking of doesn’t already exist in a package, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Additionally, many of our partners offer very cool family group holidays, especially of interest if your child is a singleton, or you’re a single parent.

Most active vacation companies with programs for families gear their itineraries for kids starting at around 10 years, so itineraries are planned with just the right amount of activity (and down time) and lots of interesting stops and activities for tweens and teens. Best of all, you’ll be surprised at how affordable many of these trips are and how far your Canadian dollar can go.

Some of our favourite destinations? Costa Rica is a great choice: not too far, not too exotic, with amazing wildlife in its natural habitat all a huge part of it. Beaches (aaah!) and active volcanoes (oooh!) combine for a truly diverse holiday. Ask your Vision advisor about the 9 day Costa Rica Family Adventure.

father and son looking at city of Valetta, Malta, family travel

A little further afield, but still with minimal jet lag, Peru offers a huge array of experiences for the active family. Ask about the 16 day Family Adventure, which will get you and your kids into a canoe, onto a bike and into a raft.

If Europe is in your sights, why not look at the Holland Family Bike & Barge? This 8 day tour is not too strenuous (Holland is about as flat as can be) and features tons of pretty landscapes, interesting windmills and bike-friendly roads. Plus Canadians are always enormously welcomed across the country.