The Active Family

family driving off-road car on tropical beachIt’s definitely a thing: You can do a family vacation which is also an active holiday. A surprising number of tour companies put together great itineraries, virtually anywhere in the world, geared to families with kids as young as 3.  (Yes, 3.) It’s a great way to see the world in the company of not only your own kids but also other families from around the English-speaking world, which also makes these trips so good for single parents, or parents of a single child. Itineraries have been carefully designed to work for family with little ones…pre-teens…or teens.  Kids can make like Indiana Jones on a camel in Jordan or, closer to home, check out the howler monkeys in Costa Rica or sail around the Caribbean – almost like a pirate – in a sailboat rather than a mega liner. It’s all about making it real for your kids, and for you.