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Thai Airways: Strike threat ground staff Nov.26/15

Rumours of a strike on Thursday (Nov 26) spread rapidly on social media yesterday (Nov 23) via groups of staff, prompting urgent attempts by the airline to hose down the reports.

“Everyone who is planning to fly on Thursday should come early since flights may be delayed as ground staff will strike,” the message sent via Line groups of THAI staff said.

According to the message, the welfare of low-level staff has been affected by the company’s business rehabilitation scheme since 2011.

The planned strike is meant to deflect the problem to executives and prevent further impacts from the scheme, following the company’s huge losses of B18.1 billion in the first nine months of this year.

Capt Kanok Thongphueak, deputy THAI president for human resources and company affairs, yesterday rushed to stamp out the speculation saying it was causing “serious damage” to the airline.

He insisted there will be no salary changes for employees as the measure has been applied only to the company’s nine top executives who volunteered to have their wages cut by 10 per cent.