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Belgium: increased treat level to "serious"

Belgium raised the terror threat level for the whole country and is deploying extra soldiers to help the police after the deadly attacks in Paris.

The government in Brussels increased the threat level to 3 or “serious, probable” from “moderate, less probable” throughout the country. It also canceled the national soccer team’s game Tuesday night against Spain. On Saturday, the day after 129 people were killed in the French capital, the Belgian authorities raised the terror threat for sports or cultural events drawing large crowds.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel’s office said on Tuesday that as many as 300 additional soldiers will be deployed in the country, mainly in large cities. The police will determine exact locations for deployments. Belgium already has 220 soldiers on the streets to help protect key buildings such as embassies and European Union institutions.

Following the terrorists attacks in Paris on 13 November, and subsequent police actions in Belgium, the Belgian government has increased its national threat level to ‘serious’, indicating that a terrorist attack is possible and likely. Checks have been introduced at the border with France, and security measures have been heightened including at airports and international railway stations. You should take extra care in public places and follow the advice of the local authorities.