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Active Solo Traveller

Traveler with vintage photo cameraActive holidays are a great option for the single traveller: not only are they a great way to meet like-minded people, the small group (usually maximum 15) makes it ideal for anyone looking for the companionship and security of a group with a leader – and every evening seems like a dinner party.

These reasons are particularly of interest to women who for one reason or another find themselves travelling solo. Perhaps they can’t find a friend who has the time off, or one who shares the same interests. And it’s not unusual for women to leave their husbands behind as they head off on their next adventure!

No wonder some 60% of active travellers booking with the companies we like to work with are women, and most of them are in the 40 to 65 year age bracket. As one such traveller told us, “It can be very lonely travelling on your own as a woman. Will that taxi be safe? Who can look after my stuff while I just pop off to get a coffee? Where can I dine tonight? All of that is taken care of on these trips – and you get to make new friends from around the world as an added plus!”

Salut Marseille!Yet another advantage: many active travel companies have a guaranteed share program, whereby they’ll find you a roommate of the same sex to share with you so you can avoid the single supplement. Some companies ask you to pay the single supplement (which is actually usually quite reasonable at around $30 – $40 a night) up front and if they find you a roommate they’ll refund it. Others, if they can’t find you a roommate you’ll get that room to yourself.
Two of the companies we work with which are particularly welcoming to singles are Backroads and Exodus. Happy travels!

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