Texas, Louisiana: flooding

A slow-moving band of torrential rain will quickly erase dry and drought conditions and will threaten lives and property by way of major flooding in some communities in the South Central states.

People in the South Central states should monitor the weather situation for flooding through this weekend and into early next week, regardless of how dry the landscape may be right now. The hard, dry ground will cause a significant amount of the rain to run off.


Flooding was highly localized in portions of Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado through Thursday. As the rain diminishes in these states through Friday, it will ramp up moving into more humid areas farther to the east, which will also be at the receiving end of a fire hose of tropical moisture.


Rainfall on the order of 4-8 inches will crawl eastward through portions of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Louisiana. There is the potential for some communities to be hit with a foot of rain through Sunday. Much of the rain may fall in a single day or perhaps in a matter of hours.

The storm system produced numerous incidents of flash flooding in western Texas Thursday morning.


The flooding will become far-reaching and affect the major cities of Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Brownsville, Texas, and Shreveport and Lake Charles, Louisiana.


In portions of Texas and Louisiana, the situation could turn out similar to flooding this past May in the same areas. However, it is less possible the situation will become as extreme as the South Carolina flooding from early October.

Areas that are likely to first experience flash flooding will be low water crossings, small streams and mainly secondary roads.

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