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Eurotunnel: delays

Eurotunnel services were delayed after hundreds of refugees storm French terminal and platforms


Freight and passenger services through the Channel tunnel were gradually resuming on Monday, though subject to long delays in both directions, after being suspended when the security fence in France was repeatedly breached overnight.


A Eurotunnel spokesman said hundreds of people were involved in a mass break-in overnight, with some getting to the terminal and platforms as a diversion, while others headed straight for the tunnels.


“They are coming in waves to occupy the police, then another wave comes, then another, until there is no more police,” he said. “One group is then able to get through. Then we have to take over and sweep through the terminal and clear them all from the tracks and the platform.”


By lunchtime freight services were gradually resuming after being suspended in both directions for several hours, while passenger trains were running an hour or more late. Passengers on booked departures were advised to check in on time.


There have been two deaths in or near the tunnel during the past week. One man was struck by a train, another by a car. Both were believed to have been trying to make their way to the UK from the refugee camp at Calais.