Active Travel for the 50 +

One of the biggest myths in our business is that active travel is for the super-fit 20 something – who is likely male.  In fact, the actuality couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Senior man and woman tourists enjoying in the park.Sure the Tour de France-style biking tours and hard core trekking in the Himalayas do attract a younger demographic, but for your average walking, hiking, sailing and biking tour the average traveller is well into his or her forties. Or should we say “her” forties as the majority of active travel clients are actually women!

For anyone planning an active holiday, we recommend you check the ratings of each tour.  The tour companies rate each itinerary by physical difficulty (and sometimes culture-shock potential), and explain what each grade on the rating means.

Man enjoy travel.For example, Exodus and World Expeditions rates its cycling holidays from 1 (Leisurely) to 10 (Tough).  Or in their words: for a leisurely tour, “You are healthy, enjoy the outdoors and want a relaxing trip.  No routes are completely flat but the hills will be gentle, mostly climbing less than 250 m a day and distances rarely exceed 50km”. And Rough? “Previous experience and an interest in remote or challenging environments are crucial.  You need confidence both in your fitness and your technical ability on steep and challenging terrain, as well as long days in the saddle.”

One idea might be to take a tour one grade down from the description that you think best suits you.   And bear in mind that even on a gentle walking tour, you’ll be responsible for carrying your own luggage to your accommodation, perhaps up stairs or along stretches of uneven pavement.

Don’t be shy about telling your Vision travel advisor about any physical limitations you might have – it’s in everyone’s best interest that we find the active holiday that is best suited to you!