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Finnair cancels 16 flights ahead of Sept. 18 strike

Finnair has canceled one domestic flight on Sept. 17 and a further 15 on Sept. 18 in preparation for a nationwide labor demonstration, which is likely to disrupt its operations.

The Finnish carrier, which was due to operate over 350 flights on Sept. 18, has preemptively canceled 16 flights to and from Helsinki and has warned that there may be more to come.

“Finnair intends to fly all its other flights, but considerable delays on flights can be expected on Friday [Sept. 18],” Finnair said in a statement.

It added that airside transport to aircraft at Helsinki-Vantaa airport is likely to be heavily disrupted, as the Transport Workers’ Union AKT plans to stop services between 0600 and 2200 EET.

The demonstration is expected to impact a wide range of industries, including aviation.