Active Destination Spotlight: Costa Rica

moneky south americaWhen you work in the active travel sector, you get pretty used to bandying about pretty exotic destinations and chatting casually about Borneo or Antarctica. But what about the traveller who’s a first-time active traveller? One who’s maybe travelling with kids, or who doesn’t want a long flight? Then we have the answer for you!

Costa Rica is widely regarded as the birthplace of ecotourism, thanks to its early efforts to preserve its lush acres of jungle and rainforest. Almost a quarter of the land is protected, and the country is proud of its slogan: Pura Vida – “Pure Life”. Thanks to its compact size, even in just a week you can experience rainforests, active volcanoes, dramatic dark sand beaches and colourful marketplaces. The country literally teems with wildlife including over 850 species of birds including some huge and colourful ones such as toucans. Add butterflies galore, screaming howler monkeys and slothful sloths and you’ll got enough to keep any nature buff entertained!

Another huge plus to Costa Rica is its accessibility from Canada. There are direct flights all winter long from Canada, and the little time difference (if any) means jet lag won’t be an issue.
Many of our favourite tour companies feature Costa Rica, including Exodus, World Expeditions, G Adventures and Peregrine.

Happy travels, and say hi to the monkeys for us!

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