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Spain: Barcelona: shooting in La Rambla (tourist district)

Several people have been injured in a shootout in Barcelona’s main tourist district, La Rambla, according to local media. During the manhunt for the attackers, police reportedly killed one of the two gunmen.

La Vanguardia newspaper said at least one person sustained serious injuries, while several people received bullet and stab wounds.


The incident took place on the intersection between the La Rambla and Pinto Fortuny streets, causing panic among tourists and locals, according to El Pais.

Two gunmen, who have yet to be identified, allegedly opened fire at guests of the Silken Hotel.


The shooting was allegedly preceded by an attempted robbery of a foreign tourist, El Mundo paper reported.


The suspects managed to flee the scene, with a manhunt currently under way in the city, the capital of Spain’s autonomous region of Catalonia.


La Vanguardia reports one of the suspects was killed in the police operation. Earlier, a bystander told the daily one of the attackers was injured as he tried to escape.