Small Ship Active Holidays

Lots of people think that active travel is only (what we call in the business) “land based vacations.” In fact there’s a ton of really interesting cruises you can do under the active travel umbrella, and in some very cool destinations too.

sailing shipThese small ships are for you if you are a convivial person who likes to travel at a slow pace and really get to know the destination. Ships are crewed so you don’t have to worry about navigating (or cooking), yet with the exception of travel to remote regions such as the Arctic and Antarctic, you’ll also get to dine on super fresh food which is often provisioned daily.

Another plus is the amount of free time. On these ships most travellers plan to go ashore at every stop – but if you’d rather stay on board and crack open another bestseller, go for it.

What’s out there? G Adventures has a great Caribbean sailing adventure where you sail to a new island every day and have time to yourself to explore each port of call independently. World Expeditions offers a tempting Veneto Bike and Boat cycling holiday in and around Venice, Italy. Similar tours are available between Amsterdam and Brussels and along the Loire in France.

Vietnam? Norway? India’s Karala region? The Amazon? Scotland? All available, and accessible on fun and friendly small boat holidays.