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Sweden – Swedish Pilots – Negotiations – May 21

SAS: Negotiations with the Pilots’ Unions in Final Phase : Airport Airline AirTraffic Strikes & Problems// // <img src=”″ />

SAS is in the final negotiations with the Swedish pilot union SPF and the Norwegian pilot union NSF. SAS’ firm intention is to reach an agreement in the negotiations, but in case of a possible industrial action passengers will be mostly affected in Sweden from May 21.

SAS has currently signed new Scandinavian collective bargain agreements with over half of the SAS pilots. Negotiations are now underway with the assistance of mediation with the Norwegian pilot union NSF and the Swedish pilot union SPF. Both unions have announced a strike from Thursday May 21 if no agreement is reached.

In order to avoid that travelers and co-workers become stranded during an eventual strike, SAS takes precautions and cancels about 110 flights tonight and tomorrow May 21.