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Hyatt Regency Tamaya Horse Rehabilitation Program

hyatt horseUnrelenting drought and economic recession have resulted in thousands of horses being abandoned by struggling ranchers and farmers. At least 170,000 horses, possibly more, are on their own in states such as New Mexico.

With parched lands and withering fields, thousands of horses are being left to fend for themselves. Due to the drought, sky high prices for grain and hay has meant that the cost required to feed the animals has risen beyond the reach of many farmers and families alike. These majestic animals are either being sent to slaughter, or are simply being abandoned on roadsides to fend for themselves.

In order to combat this growing epidemic, The Stables at Tamaya have created a rehabilitation program to provide shelter and care for some of these unfortunate animals.

ray horse hyattThe program is being led by Connie Collis, director of the Stables at Tamaya. She has more than 45-years of experience working with, training, and caring for horses. Collis, along with her professional wranglers provide surrendered horses with shelter and a foster environment that is conducive to the rehabilitation process. Horses that have gone through the resort’s rehabilitation program will either become a part of the Stables at Tamaya by providing trail rides for guests, or they may be adopted out.