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France: ATC strike for April 16-18 cancelled

French air traffic controllers union (SNCTA) lift the strike threat for April 16-18, but warn if a settlement is not reached, then the strike from April 29 to May 2, will go ahead.


The threat of more disruption to European air travel this week has been lifted – but French air-traffic controllers are maintaining that a strike at the end of the month could now go ahead.


On its Facebook account, the leading union representing controllers, the SNCTA, said assurances made by management and government meant it would lift the strike threatened for 16-18 April. But it warned that a four-day strike from 29 April to 2 May, which would hit Bank Holiday travellers, could still go ahead if negotiations do not reach a satisfactory outcome.


France has the busiest skies in Europe, handling 8,000 flights a day. Last week a 48-hour strike by controllers caused thousands of flights to be cancelled.–but-the-threat-of-disruption-remains-10174080.html