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Air Canada Flt 624: hard landing in Halifax

Landing gear ripped off when Air Canada flight 624 hit antenna array: TSB 

HALIFAX – An Air Canada flight heading from Toronto to Halifax crash landed after hitting an antenna array at Halifax Stanfield International Airport injuring 25 passengers, Transportation Safety Board investigators confirmed Sunday. 

TSB investigator Michael Cunningham told reporters Sunday evening the Air Canada flight struck an antenna array, which broke off the main landing gear causing the plane to skid for 1,100 feet after it hit the runway. 

“At approximately 12:30 local time, early this morning, the aircraft touched down approximately 1,100 feet prior to the end of the runway,” Cunningham said. “At that point it hit an antenna array… this caused considerable damage to the aircraft and the main landing gear came off at that point.”

 The plane’s nose and an engine detached and a wing was severely damaged in the landing.

 Cunningham said investigators have started documenting the site and the complex investigation will involve a number of agencies including the RCMP, Halifax International Airport officials, Nav Canada, Transport Canada and Air Canada.