2 Minutes with Jonathan Rubin, Vice-President Strategic Sales and IT, based in Montreal

How much do you travel? On business, about 6 to 9 times a year – mainly within North America.


Where was your ever first flight? From New York to Orlando – Disney, of course!


Aisle or window?

Nowadays, I prefer window.


What’s your favourite airport?

I like Heathrow.  The shopping is fun and there’s lots to do – great for a connecting flight.

Favourite city?

Brussels.  I have family there.

Any preferred apps?

I use Vision Assure, our proprietary app, and Sabre’s Trip Case.


How do you stay fit when you travel?

I watch what I eat, and try to take the stairs when I can.


How do you cope with jetlag?

I fight it.  That’s it.  You’ve got to stay up.


What do you do with your downtime when you are on the road?

Catch up on TV shows on my computer – I’m a fan of a lot of the new political shows like House of Cards.  

If you could sit next to anyone on a long haul flight, who would it be?

Warren Buffet.  I’d like to pick his brain.


Your must-have travel accessory?

My iPad.


How do you spend your frequent flyer points?

I give them to my wife.


Favourite vacation destination?

It would have to be Naples, Florida. The beaches as nice as the Caribbean, but it’s only a couple of hours away.


What do you think the biggest challenge will be for corporate travel in the next 12 months?

We’re getting more and more requests for big data:  not just knowing where travellers are and how much corporations are spending, but clients want info they can slice and dice to improve their bottom line.


Favourite travel tip?

Make sure you pack a snack.  You’ll never know when you’ll be stuck!