Violent weather: plain states As a storm moves out of the Rockies, the risk of violent thunderstorms, some capable of producing large hail and a few tornadoes, will progress slowly eastward across the Plains Tuesday night.

The storms will threaten lives and property and bring the risk of power outages and travel delays.

The first storms erupted Sunday in portions of Kansas and Missouri, but they were merely a small preview of what is expected to unfold this week over the middle of the nation.

The storms have the potential to cross through some or all of these major metropolitan areas over the Plains and Mississippi Valley during the middle of the week, including Austin, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Little Rock, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Omaha, San Antonio, Shreveport, Springfield, Mo., Springfield, Ill., St. Louis, Topeka, Tulsa and Wichita.

The storms will bring the full spectrum of severe weather ranging from large hail and damaging wind gusts to flash flooding and frequent lightning strikes. There is also the potential for a few of the storms to produce tornadoes Tuesday night.