Cruising Turkey and Greece – the Silversea Experience

Once again, we really loved all aspects of our second cruise on Silversea, as we did the first cruise to the Caribbean. This time history was the main attraction of the ports and we loved every minute of the tours to all of the ancient places and learning about the history, religion and culture of the various civilization in whose footsteps we were walking. Our weather was excellent throughout, not a drop of rain and picture perfect sunny skies. It was a little warm at times, reaching +33.4 on the warmest of the days in Mykonos, but a cool beer in a seaside cafe with a nice breeze from the sea soon remedied that.

It was the perfect time to travel to the part of the world where we were, for the good weather and the fact it is toward the end of their tourist season and the crowds in the ports were substantially smaller that they would have been during the busier seasons. The Virtuoso tour and the Silversea tours we booked were all good and efficiently organized. One guide was not up to par in our view, but the rest were all excellent. On our Caribbean tour we were on our own in the ports by choice, but for this part of the world, we highly recommend booking the tours since they take you to see places it would be difficult to see on your own, and the guides add so much to the experience. It is also so pleasurable to be met at the bus where the ship docks and starting your tour from there.
Again, we were very happy with all aspects of our Silversea cruise. The personalized service and all of the special touches make Silversea one of the best vacation experiences. While onboard, we booked our next Silversea cruise, next October to the same part of the world, but different ports and including Israel and Egypt. That says it all!
We woke Friday morning at dock in Piraeus, the port of Athens. We had arranged a transfer to our hotel in a private car with Silversea, and the process of disembarkation was handled very smoothly and efficiently. A Silversea representative coordinated getting our baggage into the car and we were on our way.