Crystal Cruises – Mykonos

We sailed into Mykonos early in the morning, and were lucky our ship had the only berth, while two other cruise ships were in the bay. Mykonos is the quintessential Greek Island, dazzling blue seas, white stucco homes with blue trim, and rocky landscapes with lush green where watered, and gorgeous colours from the various flowers.

The two dozen or so Virtuoso agencies on board were taken by small buses to the Hotel Belvedere, an idyllic hotel in the centre of town. Christofer Vonglis the Hotel GM met us and entertained us to lunch under the beautiful flowering trees on the patio of Nobu, his deluxe Japanese restaurant in the hotel. The hotel is exquisite, 43 rooms, beautiful public spaces, and in the art district just on the high edge of town. There is a lovely pool area, but no beach, but it would be a great spot for exploring.

Brenden had all sorts of firsts today.  He was in Greece for the first time, a Euro country for the first time, and ate his first sushi. He enjoyed the octopus but not so much the salmon, and tried to convince us the wasabi was not hot, but after he put a blob in his mouth, he almost caught fire and then agreed it was hot after all! He learnt to eat with chopsticks, which he did very well. He really enjoyed the steak in hot sauce, barbecued Japanese style, and even tried the seaweed, which I loved but I don’t think he did.

After lunch he and I walked back to the ship along the beachfront, probably a couple of kilometres, and now at the poolside we can sit and relax..