Melia Las Dunas Resort, Cuba

I recently had the good fortune of visiting the 4.5 star Melia Las Dunas Resort in Cuba, and it was amazing. The stay is clean, sanitary, and luxurious and is typical in what you would expect in a 5 star resort even though it is a four and a half star resort. The room was lovely, clean, well decorated. The king sized bed was very comfortable and the maid did a great job every day.

The food served in the restaurants and bars was exemplary. They had six different types of restaurants and five bars including one on the beach. There is the CaibariƩn restaurant; it was the international buffet, which was stocked with all kinds of foods imaginable. Next we have Columbus, the Italian restaurant, the restaurant had good ambience, rich food and with appropriate background music. Lastly we have Isabel y Fernando, the Romantic restaurant. This restaurant is highly recommended. The lobster in this restaurant was cooked to perfection, and the service is up to aristocrat standards.

The bars were stocked and the on demand service for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The bars were in convenient places such as the main lobby and the beach.

I was impressed at how efficient the waiters were and yet I had some great conversations with Carlos our waiter. Both buffets were great. Lots of choice, variety, plenty of fresh fruit, different meats and vegetables, custom pizzas made to your liking as well as pasta, marinated and grilled meats, shrimp, sushi, desserts, salads! You can always find something good to eat. I loved the fresh orange juice, croissants and the coffee in the morning.

The beach had a bar that was stocked up with drinks for adults and minors. The excursions were amazing and the wait intervals for the bus were short. It took the tourist to an interesting place where tourists can learn about more of Cuban culture. Many activities are offered although I only visited the nearby villages. You can take a tour of Santa Clara and Trinidad, among other places. You can even arrange to have dinner with a Cuban family through your guide. There are catamaran excursions, deep sea fishing, jeep excursions, and swimming with the dolphins.

The weather there is perfect to swim in the turquoise sea and taking a stroll on the white sandy beaches. The tourist attraction El Pueblo was a good visit. It contained many souvenirs that you would not find in any other gift shop in Cuba. The transportation intervals are frequent in comfortable, sanitary buses. The people are very friendly and hospitable. They gave me a warm welcome and were eager to show me around the city. The entertainment at the central place is a must for real Cuban music and for dancing. The beach is excellent with an all sand bottom with no rock and it is absolutely gorgeous and you can walk for miles every day if you wish.

I would definitely recommend a Cuban vacation, and especially this resort.