explora Atacama, Hotel de Larache

This region offers a number of comfortable and luxury accommodations, but I really think explora does it the best. The lodge is wonderfully designed with different areas – the area where you meet with your guides, information and areas showcasing education on Atacama, dining, large comfortable living area and the bar, and an AMAZING pool area. They offer 4 different pools with varied temperatures, saunas, Jacuzzis, very relaxing after all the activities that there is to do. During the high season, and depending on occupancy in the low season, every Saturday the hotel offers a typical barbaue outside, roasting lamb over the fire, lots of great food, music, dancing, we had this last night and for sure a highlight. explora also has their own stables for horseback riding and as I mentioned, the observatory.

As mentioned before, everything is included here, so each night you meet with the guides and they will ask you what types of activities you would like to, and what kind of experience you want out of your time here. They are very good at matching you up with varied tours (over 50 in Atacama).
Being here the last 4 days, I really feel like I`ve explored this region in depth, and not just seen the `touristy` highlights. They do a great job of offering excursions that most people do not do and are constantly looking for new hikes and activities.

This is one of the most active holidays I`ve taken, but I`m convinced it`s the way to go. Sure it gets tiring once and while, but the experience is so fulfilling! Some of the people in our group never do these types of activities at home, and they`ve all really enjoyed it as well. What a better way to see region than by foot, horseback, or bike!