Silversea Cruise – Day at Sea on the Silver Whisper

Sunday, April 3       * as a note, Sunday is a great day to have a day at sea as so much is closed in the ports

We thought the “day at sea” blog was the perfect opportunity to talk about the things we have come to love about the Silver Whisper. Carey is a particularly gifted observer of details and much of this blog, is based on her observations of things that make a difference and especially things that women would notice and appreciate.

  • We were continually impressed with the attention to detail. The fruit plate in our room is continually refreshed and if there is a fruit that is not up to par, it is replaced with another type. When we arrived our suite had a beautiful fresh orchid on our coffee table and it has remained beautiful throughout our voyage. There are also fresh orchids and other fresh flowers throughout the ship. The public washrooms on the ship are all very nice, very clean and the towels are cotton, no paper towels or noisy hand dryers here. The bathrooms all have fragrance jars with sticks, a nice touch. Good quality binoculars and umbrellas are provided in the cabins.
  • Beds are exceptionally comfortable. Both of us have had back problems before with various hotel beds, but definitely not here. The linens are of exceptionally high quality,  they almost feel like satin.
  • Lots of space for everything you bring on board – not only the walk in closet, but plenty of drawers everywhere.
  • The bathroom towels are large and luxurious. The bathroom has marble floors and counter tops, dual sinks, hand rails everywhere, detachable shower heads, lots of towel racks, everything you could want in your own bathroom at home.
  • Every morning we have the Canadian News, a summary of news prepared for Canadians and delivered to our cabin. Similar editions are prepared for other countries.
  • Laundry rooms re available on several decks, for passengers use at no extra charge and laundry soap is supplied in the rooms.
  • The rooms have a curtain separating the bed from the sitting area as well as a curtain on the balcony doors. They are both excellent light blockers, so if one person is up and active and letting the sun shine in from the balcony, the other can still sleep without being disturbed.
  • There are dozens of lights in the cabin, plus a light that you can very easily read by on the verandah. The various lights in the cabin, allow you to have various areas as bright as you would ever want them, including a very bright bathroom.
  • Because there was no schedule, I decided to make use of the jogging track for a morning power walk, the track is on deck 9 and 20 laps afforded a good 40 minute workout. And what a better place for a power walk, ocean views, and a cooling ocean breeze. (There is also a very well-equipped exercise room and spa on the ship, but we did not partake).
  • After the breakfast buffet (always consistently excellent), we spent a leisurely day around the pool, There were plenty of activities on the events schedule, but we are not big on organized group activities so did not partake.
  • Great lunch again on the pool deck, and found a perfect spot at the back of the ship on deck 8, sheltered from the breeze, soft couches and chairs, we must return there with a glass of wine to read or enjoy when departing from a port.