Flooding threatens Atlantic Seaboard

ACCUWEATHER.COM reports that although Tropical Storm Nicole has dissipated, flooding will still be a major threat along the Atlantic Seaboard through the end of the week.

As Nicole moves northward from Florida waters and interacts with a front stretched north-south along the East coast of the US, rain already breaking out now will become heavier.

Many areas from Miami to Jacksonville, Charleston, Richmond, New York City and Boston will have enough rain to cause urban and poor drainage area flooding.
The combination of fallen leaves and modest rain alone can lead to blocked storm drains and street flooding in northern areas.

Major delays on the roadways and at airports are expected. A narrow zone of intense rainfall can lead to more serious threats to lives and property from flash, small stream and river flooding.

Cities in the path of the heaviest rain include Florence, S.C.; Raleigh, N.C.; Charlottesville, Va.; Cumberland, Md.; Williamsport, Pa.; Syracuse, N.Y.; and Montreal, Quebec.

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Sheila Aue